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The World needs cheap stuff
The World needs China.  The World needs China to continue to make things cheap.  The World needs cheap stuff.

But, let's face it.  China is not reliable when it comes to making good stuff.  Important stuff.  Medicine is an example where you don't want cheap.  Or knock-offs.  

FDA recalls meds associated with Chinese Impurities ("Cancer-causing")

Or babies.  Baby selection is very important if you are adopting.  Sorry China.  One of your own kind of messed up.  Now, no one wants to adopt a Chinese baby.  Or baby formula.  (See below).

Gene Edited Babies for the Future of Mankind, See 6.3 on this Wikipedia List of "Incidents" through 2014

The problem is systemic.  It will not go away under a communist-led faux-capitalist society.

If you have time for the internal investigation and suggestions report, read here.

All in all, if you need "non-consumable cheap garbage", buying in China is still potentially your best bet.  But, be very careful.

China has finally made strides in addressing this insidious issue.  During October, 2019, the Communist Government will host the China International Food Safety & Quality Conference, where the official slogan is "Improving Food Safety, One Event at a Time".  The Chinese People certainly deserve better.  But, that is their problem, and a problem waiting for a solution.  However, in the West, we demand healthy food, and solving this problem "one event at a time", given that the first event is late 2019, I'd suggest the West stop importing any food-stuffs from China, until they take it a bit more seriously.

Oh, don't forget, "if you adopt, would you be sure the genetic engineering is what you requested?"
Jerry Spurbeck says, "A good fact can overcome fear most days."
Don't get me wrong. I absolutely Love! Chinese Food. Just that I only buy it in the West, and then, no MSG, please.
Jerry Spurbeck says, "A good fact can overcome fear most days."
Tyson chicken and others need to checked.
Lisa Spurbeck 
I'm his hot mess

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