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The Chinese need better stuff
So sorry.

Your government would rather give it's money to tyrants instead of investing in your future at home.

Omar Al-Bashir, the dictator of Sudan (most notably of "Darfur" fame), has a comfortable Relationship with China.

Idriss Deby, the dictator of Chad, receives loads of cash from his Relationship with China.

Yahya Jammeh
the dictator of Gambia, known for shooting students, disappearances, imprisonments, any many other atrocities, is well-liked by the Chinese Government, not surprisingly.  The poor Gambians are selling their infrastructure to China on the cheap.  When they can't pay, and it breaks, they will ask to build a military presence.  Former Gambian President Barrow, sold the country.  It is now up to Yahya to keep the people in line.

Ongoing list.  To be edited.
Jerry Spurbeck says, "A good fact can overcome fear most days."

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