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Properly Adjusting Images for Posting
Generally speaking, Cameras (especially phone cameras) come with the factory setting set to take the best possible picture.  That's good!.

What's "bad" is that the quality comes at a cost.  The images are contained in files (jpg, etc).  These "high-quality" files are huge is size.  This huge size prevents high-speed transfers on websites.

So, in order to keep the internet flowing smoothly, and quickly, webmasters have to "limit" the size of files included for upload to their website.

This website and webmaster are no different.  (Try to upload a large file from your camera to other sites such as craigslist.org, and you will get an error message.  Other sites, such as Facebook, automatically adjust your image quality for you, but you don't get to control it.   Western Intellect doesn't do that.  Instead, we ask that you try harder to achieve a great effect for your posts.

Using a simple image editor such as Paint, the first thing you want to do is trim off those portions of your picture that are not necessary to convey your point of interest.  "Is that fence in the background really necessary?", or "Why is the subject so small in this big picture?"  Trimming the excess highlights your subject, while getting rid of  "unnecessary" file-space "waste", and also helps you save space on your device, as well.

Then, many image editing products have "filters".  These "filters" help you prepare your image for web publishing.

…   need more information here.
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