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Welcome to myAT&T (dung, dung, dung) nightmare!
I've had some kind of AT&T account for over 70% of my lifetime, if you include all the precursors (Southwest Bell, etc.)

AT&T customer service was never "good".  It had been sliding consistently for about a decade, but recently, with the addition of DirecTV,
never has the customer service experience been so frustrating.

I moved in June, 2018, to an area where U-verse was not available.  Being the typical zombie, I let AT&T sell me on a DirecTV solution.
Didn't have my house yet, but the techs were there to install the dish.  What, no house?  We'll come install it later.  Ok, I said.  So, for 3 months, I have a dish, no cable to the no house, and a bill just the same.

I called to ask why the bill isn't what was suggested during the sales call.  After spending about 15 minutes ensuring I was who I said I was, I was informed that U-verse and DirecTV use two different accounting systems.  Oh, I get it, the recent merger.  Ok.  Oh, this is U-verse.  Ok.  You have a $45 credit on your account, the representative said, unasked.  We went through that process, being assured that the $45 will refunded within 10 business days.  I still haven't received the refund.

So, in November I call to ask why my wireless phone(s) bill is so high.  You added a line.  Oh, you mean that "free" phone you offered me.  Yep, that one.  Oh, I've never used it.  yeah, but it cost a line plus tax and fees.  I never asked for it.   You never sent it back.  I asked to cancel those two lines.  They said ok, no problem.  Phone bill continues to go up.  Called again.   Oh yeah, fees to turn off the lines I didn't want plus, plus, plus.  Plus, they DIDN'T stop charging for the lines they were supposed to cancel, still on my "plan".  I call to get them removed from the current bill so I can afford to pay it.  They did this after no less than 30 phone calls to the philipines.

However, they DID not refund the charges for the month of December.  I called many times to correct this.  No comprehension at all on the part of the representatives.  Never mind that I have to learn Pidgeon-English to achieve Kindergarten-level communications.  FROM a communications company!  Don't get me started.

I simply want to cancel everything AT&T related.  Not because their products suck.  Not because the slamming, over-charging, over-selling, under-delivering, totally under-whelming stock performance.  It's because the world's largest communications company no longer cares to communicate.

I finally found an AT&T number that connects me to a proper-english pronunciation and usage kind of person.  We communicate.  I talk.  She listens.  She asks, I answer.  We communicate.

After she acknowledges the problems I'm having and repeats sorry a few times, she asks for my credentials.  She can't find my account.  After 15 more minutes she finds the account.  She needs to transfer me to another department.  Ok.  I wait again.  The new rep and her have talked, and the new rep understands my frustration and repeats sorry a few more times.  Then, after a few minutes of attempting to sooth my growing anger, he says that he can't help me now because the "system is refreshing", and won't be available for another two hours.  I ask if they would call me back when they are ready.  They tell me no, they are an "in-bound only" call center.  Once again, for a "communications company", this just smacks of inefficiency, error, and a general mallaise on the part of the entire staff.

Just let me go.  Finalize the invoice already!  Put whatever fees and charges you want to put up there.  I'm taking AT&T to court.  In Texas, Small Claims can net you up to $10,000.

Can you HEAR ME NOW!
Jerry Spurbeck says, "A good fact can overcome fear most days."

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